This is where the story begins..

This blog once belonged to a 15 year old girl named Jamie, I didn’t know her last name just her first name. I run a one direction blog and one day I got a message from her telling me about her life of getting teased everyday and finally one day her dad left her mum, her sister and Jamie when she was 12. We talked a lot and eventually became close but she was still suicidal and two weeks before she committed suicide she messaged me telling me she was getting better and I thought she was but obviously not. Because two weeks later i got an anon telling me she had just posted a suicide note. I messaged her along with hundreds of other directioners around the world pleading with her and the last thing she said to me was once she was gone I had to make this blog a fitness blog( which i changed the url) that encourages young girls to loose fat and get fit the healthy way as the reason for her bullying was being overweight. So here we are today I will never forget her even though I never met her and I never even knew what she looked like I will miss her so, so much. For those of you that think this was fake or think I don’t care, I cryed so much, I cared more than anyone and this is not fake, suicide is real and if you can’t comprehend that get the hell of this blog. I would like to thank every blog that messaged her trying to stop her and every blog that offered to be here for me thank you it does actually help even if I don’t reply. So rest in paradise Jamie I didn’t need to see what you looked like I know you were beautiful from your personality <3 xoxo

this is the fitness blog 

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